Dry Skin Care

Olive oil

Swimming in chlorine-laced pools strip oils as well. Soaps and detergents have the ability to break down oils. Adding deodorant or antibacterial ingredients to soaps increase the drying effects. Sun exposure damages the skin with ultraviolet light. UV radiation breaks down collagen and elastin fibers as it penetrates deep into the upper most layers of the skin. Over time, wrinkles and sagging skin will accompany dryer skin.
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10 cosmetics that can harm your skin

Particularly oils high in gamma linoleic acid that effectively suppresses inflammation.A good moisturiser should be made of water, hydrosols, plant oils, and emulsifiers. Using natural products, you can maintain the beauty of your face for longer. Kajal Kajal and Surma are traditional Indian cosmetic preparations used to makeup beautiful eyes. However, kajal can have numerous adverse effects on the eyes; for example, development of chemical, toxic and infective conjunctivitis , uveitis, glaucoma, dry eye and conjunctival discoloration.
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Local skin care brand bets big on salon products market

Starting his career at Voltas in 1999, Varatharaju has worked successively with the Chennai-based FMCG major CavinKare (founded by C K Ranganathan, a successful entrepreneur who revolutionised shampoo marketing in the 1990s through his innovations), Ford India Private Ltd and Henkel India Ltd. It was his stint at CavinKare that influenced Varatharaju to become an entrepreneur, he says. Likewise, it was during the time he spent as a partner in a friend’s firm, where he advised various companies on their brand-building initiatives, that he realised that the highly fragmented salon products market for hair care and skin care, worth about Rs 2,000 crores, was a potential business opportunity. During his research he found that while a little over 50 per cent of the hair care industry was highly organised, about 80 per cent of the skin care market was unorganised and featured lots of imported brands. The hair care space is developed, but skin care is still developing.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.afaqs.com/news/story/39126_Local-skin-care-brand-bets-big-on-salon-products-market

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