Can hormone therapy help protect the brain?

Cognition good. Women have been sold down the river on the life quality benefits of HRT for the majority of women. A few women have problems. Most don’t. BTW, men are not discouraged from treating low levels of testosterone, despite prostate cancer warnings.
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Manning wants hormone therapy in prison. Will it happen?

That suit was settled outside of court two years later, with one prong of the settlement being a change to prison policy, allowing hormone therapy treatment to start in prison. In May 2011, the Bureau of Prisons sent a memo to its wardens outlining a new policy that all inmates seeking hormone replacement therapy Receive a current individualized assessment and evaluation. Treatment options will not be precluded solely due to level of services received, or lack of services, prior to incarceration. Mannings prison sentence doesnt fall under this policy. Military prisons are part of the Defense Department, not the Bureau of Prisons. Outside of the prison system, private insurance plans have increasingly begun to cover these types of services. The number of companies getting a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaigns ranking of transgender-inclusive benefits grew from 85 in 2011 to 207 in 2012. Sarah Kliff covers health policy, focusing on Medicare, Medicaid and the health reform law.
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